About The Creative Company.

We believe that there is an artist that lives inside everyone, just waiting to be explored.

We created our company to help share the benefits that we receive as artists with everyone of all ages. Taking time to quiet your mind and engage in a creative activity can reduce stress, trigger happiness, instil pride, as well as spark inspiration.

We focus on providing creative outlets for people with our Step-by-Step Painting Kitz, and Creative Bundles. Our products are designed with the beginner in mind, with the goal of creating as many “happy smiles” as possible. We are also proud to be artists, and love when our personal work has the chance to add that finishing touch to a space or becomes that special gift for someone to enjoy.

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Giving Back

From day one it has been a priority of ours to give back to our community of Thunder Bay, where we are proud to live. We painted our way through many fundraisers, have donated artwork and provided our Creative Kitz to groups who didn’t have access to funding support. We will continue to give back to the city that has shown us so much love from the beginning as well as work hard to grow our reach across Canada. We plan to do this with the following two initiatives.

Paint for a Cure

Cancer sadly touches the lives of so many. Our goal with our Ribbon Kitz is to help raise funds to support The Canadian Cancer Society. We also hope to give those who paint them two to three hours of time to reflect on their own personal journey, one that is different for everyone. Your Ribbon could symbolize strength, courage and survival, it could also represent memories of a loved one when you see it, keeping them close in your heart. Whatever your reason might be, if you choose to purchase one of our Ribbon Kitz you will become a part of our journey to help make a difference for those who are fighting today.

$10 from each Ribbon Kit will be donated semi-annually to The Canadian Cancer Society where it will be used to help multiple programs. The donation will be split up as 50% monetary donation & 50% in Creative Kitz Supplies that can be used to help provided a little bit of creative release during a difficult time.

Creative Kitz for Kids

We believe that all children should have the freedom to express themselves with art. It is in those moments when they are creating that they are truly focused, blocking out noise and connecting with what is inside. Encouraging and supporting their creativity helps build confidence, opens their imaginations and helps with positive mental health and well being.

We will be taking a percentage of our annual sales each year and setting it aside to stock up on supplies that we will in turn donate to organizations or groups with little or no funding, helping to ensure that every kid gets a chance to create something that makes them smile.


When you work with a team, the creativity is constantly flowing, and the possibilities are endless. We believe in working with artists who all share a true love for what they do, as well as a passion for sharing it with others.

Our In-Studio Artist Team

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Steve Gerow

Deena Kruger

Kevin Belmore

Yvette St. Amant

Jordan Quequish

Our Roots

The Creative Company was founded by Deena Kruger and Steve Gerow. They jumped into business together in 2017 having only met once and have not looked back! Both artists were looking for a way to be able to do what they love, while also sharing their joy of creating with others.

Through countless trial and error, persistence and always keeping their creative spirits alive even in the darkest of times the duo is proud of the direction their business is going today.

Dee & Steve feel that they were meant to meet. Steve was born to be an artist, and if you watch his documentary you will see how being creative is just who he is. Deena also loves to create and has a real eye for design, but at her core she has a serious passion for business and is a true entrepreneur at heart. It has been a lifelong dream of hers to be able to build a company doing something she loves and to provide a platform for other creatives to shine along the way. Making them the perfect team!

Steve’s Documentary
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Growing up in Northwestern Ontario both Dee & Steve have a real love for the outdoors, and both really LOVE painting trees! Our logo reminds us to always stay rooted in our community and to always continue growing.

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