Being Creative is what we do!

We created our company to help share the benefits that we receive as artists with everyone of all ages. Taking time to quiet your mind and engage in a creative activity can reduce stress, trigger happiness, instil pride, as well as spark inspiration.

We focus on providing creative outlets for people with our All-In-One Painting Kits and Colouring Kits. Our products are carefully designed by our team with the beginner in mind, and a goal of creating as many “happy smiles” as possible for all ages!

Today we are proud to provide creative outlets to organizations, school boards and remote communities across Canada and beyond, as well as decorate homes and offices with the personal work from our talented artist team.

  • Steve Gerow

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  • Deena Kruger

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  • Kevin Belmore

    Learn more about Kevin and check out his work.

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  • Yvette St. Amant

    Learn more about Yvette St. Amant and check out her work

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  • Angela Benedict

    Learn more about Angela and check out her work.

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  • Chelsea Virginia

    Learn more about Chelsea and check out her work.

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