About Angela

My name is Angela Jason (Starbeam Woman) and I am a developing Ojibwe artist from Sheshegwaning First Nation currently residing in Thunder Bay, Ontario since 2006. All my life I have been interested in various forms of artwork whether it was a canvas painting, crafted regalia, music, or dance but by far

…was what always drew my interest.

Growing up I had very little access to brushes, paints, and canvas due to my location, the cost of materials, lack of available space, and the limited income of my family so it was not until 2010 that I finally decided to purchase these items for myself and begin exploring the world of acrylic painting. Most recently, I have begun exploring the stained glass medium.

I am a self-taught artist and the work I am currently doing is inspired by the people in my life. I start each new piece with a friend, family member, or specific person in my thoughts and continue thinking about them throughout the painting process. As a result I am always happy with the final image. While I am still developing my own style as an artist I would describe it as influenced by First Nations/Woodland styles but with my own feminine twist to the colours, lines, and forms.

Kits by Angela