Deena Kruger is the Founder & CEO of The Creative Company.
She is an artist, visionary and true entrepreneur at her core.

About Deena

Deena discovered her love of painting when she was a teen, but didn’t really consider taking it more seriously until her early 30’s when she chose to leave her job in sales and fully commit herself to building a career where she would get to be creative every day. She quickly discovered that she had a real passion for business and creating something from idea to empire would become one of her life’s greatest challenges…one that she feels she was meant to do!

Deena has always believed in living her passions whether she is taking time to create  or working on building a legacy that supports artists and inspires people all over the country. She always puts her full heart and soul into her work and her team. Just like her signature birch trees she loves to paint that stand tall, strong and forever growing she is always evolving, learning and striving to create a company that serves many in a positive way. 

When it comes to her personal art work she considers living in North Western Ontario to be a gift, with each season bringing beauty in it’s own way. Some of her most treasured time is spent camping, travelling and exploring Lake Superior with her husband Jeff. Her work is a reflection and interpretation of those adventures transformed onto canvas with the intention of bringing a little of that beauty into your home. 

Deena also recognizes exceptional talent when she sees it! She considers it an honour to be surrounded by such an incredible team of individuals who are all working towards a common goal of being creative, having fun and inspiring others to follow their passions. 

Prints by Deena Kruger