About Kevin

Kevin is an Ojibwe Artist from Gull Bay First Nation located in the Thunder Bay District in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. Kevin joined The Creative Company as a collaborative artist in 2020. Kevin has felt the need to express himself artistically since he was a young boy...

… feeling that he has been given a gift from The Creator.

At the age of 16 Kevin found himself in a workshop led by the late influential Anishinaabe artist Roy Thomas, who in turn was inspired by Norval Morrisseau, one of the founding members of the Woodland School of Art. This workshop is where he learned how to paint in the Woodland Art form, one that captures spiritual tradition as it shines through in the everyday, exploring the relationships between people, animals, and plants. With encouragement and positive support from Roy, Kevin’s journey as an artist transformed. His original acrylic paintings are brought to life with his brilliant use of balance, colour and the way in which he is able to capture emotion in the stories he is translating onto canvas.

Alongside his passion for art, Kevin works as a Forestry Firefighter doing his part to care for and preserve mother earth. He has a deep connection to nature and loves to hike, bike and swim whenever he gets a chance. One of his greatest joys has been seeing his daughters inherit his artistic abilities, while also finding their own voice and unique ways to express themselves.

It is especially important to Kevin that he uses his gift to create and to share his work with others. His work has been purchased by many and featured in Toronto Home Magazine and Canada’s Maclean’s Magazine.

Prints by Kevin