French-Canadian born, Yvette St. Amant’s passion for art developed at a very young age. From the age of four she would create on a withered old picnic table every summer at her parent’s cottage on Rainy Lake, Ontario. After many moves as a child her parents settled in Thunder Bay, Ontario where she grew up and eventually studied Fine Arts at Lakehead University, completing her BFA in 1996. Her artist career started in her 20’s, painting and drawing large scale animals and exhibiting them in Ontario, and Vancouver, BC. By the age of thirty, Yvette found her niche producing decorative and trend forward art within the home décor industry, publishing and licensing to retailers and manufacturers globally.

Positivity, self-care, journey and femininity are at the heart of the themes explored in her artwork. 

Yvette St. Amant is a French-Canadian Born American-Based licensing and published artist influencing thousands of aspiring artists through her online art courses and social media. She has been drawing and painting since she was a toddler and developed a strong interest in interior design by her teens. Yvette was raised on a lake surrounded by wilderness and is deeply connected to nature and water. She developed a great love for the beach and tropics which inspired her first globally published tropical florals setting the foundation to her professional artist career in 2003. Fusing styles influenced by culture, nature, personality, and interior design while incorporating trend forward colors are her specialty. Nature is very much the foundation to her creations, and she is known as “the chameleon” in the industry for producing a variation of unique styles with her diverse techniques.

Prints by Yvette