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Wabakimi 8"x10" Print by Kevin Belmore

Wabakimi 8"x10" Print by Kevin Belmore

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"Wabakimi” by Kevin Belmore

This painting was a special commission from Wabakimi Provincial Park for their
Kiosk project, funded jointly by Friends of Wabakimi (FOW) and the Park. They
sponsored Kevin’s visit to Whitewater Lake in August 2022 which provided inspiration to capture the mysterious beauty of the Wabakimi area.

Proceeds from sale of this art print support Friends of Wabakimi donations to the
KZ Lodge program and other outdoors youth programs.

“This image was born out of an experience that I will never forget! It truly made a
difference going there to see the cliffs, the landscape and the water upon which my
ancestors paddled. It was nice to go and just soak in what nature had to offer.
Going there piqued my spirits and I hope to go back again.”
- Kevin Belmore

Print comes unframed, packaged with a backing board and bio. 


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